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    Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC. was established in 1997 to provide computer and technology consulting to law firms in the Denver, Colorado, area. ITS provides attorneys with networking solutions, database design, hardware maintenance, software selection and integration, and planning and developing an Internet presence. The consulting expertise has expanded and now offers technology and management consulting services for courts and other justice organizations throughout the country and internationally. ITS continues to provide the highest level of specialized legal technology and management expertise to a wide range of clients.




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    Mr. Willis serves as a Principal Consultant focusing in the following areas: information exchange (NIEM), electronic data collection tool development (e.g. web based surveys, time collection, etc), relational data base design (MS Access database, MySQL, Sybase, etc.), technology review and needs assessment, court and IT operations/process review and assessment, technology RFP/RFI development, technology standards development and application, IT strategic planning, IT disaster recover/business continuity planning, CJIS/IJIS planning and implementation, and IT training and presentations.
    Prior to his current position, Mr. Willis was a Senior Court Management Consultant for the National Center for State Courts from 1997-2005. His responsibilities while at the NCSC included participation in consulting projects involving technology, information management, and workflow, as well as, designing electronic data collection tools. He participated in numerous projects reviewing case management system capabilities and developing requirements for replacement or upgrades to those systems. He has participated in many operations reviews resulting in recommendations for process changes to improve operations. As an attorney Mr. Willis would often research legal issues relating to the use of new technologies in the courts.
    Prior to joining the NCSC, Mr. Willis worked in the University of Denver College of Law's Student Law Office as a student attorney providing pro bono legal representation to indigent clients. Additionally, Mr. Willis participated in the Student Law Office's Mediation Clinic as a student mediator, helping parties find solutions to their disputes without going to trial. While attending law school, Mr. Willis worked part time as a technician for the law school's computer services maintaining a local area network connecting over 250 PCs. Mr. Willis has hypertext markup language, HTML, and World Wide Web site design experience. Before law school Mr. Willis worked for several years as a para-professional in American Management Systems' Mobile Communications Industry Group. While at AMS Mr. Willis was a UNIX system administrator for a Research and Development project. Additionally, Mr. Willis worked on several projects adapting domestic cellular telephone billing systems for foreign clients, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish, and was involved in the database design, documentation, system testing, and project administration. Mr. Willis has a B.A. in Political Science from Colorado College and a J.D. from the University of Denver College of Law.

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